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National Park City Rooftops: Carnaby Roof Opening

London National Park City and the Mayor of London are working in partnership on the first National Park City Festival.

To celebrate London becoming a National Park City, London National Park City and the Mayor of London are hosting the National Park City Festival from Saturday 20th to Sunday 28th July 2019. The festival will run for nine days and aims to encourage all Londoners to enjoy the outdoors whilst highlighting the value, beauty and diversity of London’s green and blue spaces.

Throughout the festival the city will host more than 100 free, fun events for all from open air theatre to wildlife photography and the opportunity to explore London’s public and hidden green spaces, such as the National Park City Rooftops event. The National Park City Rooftops is the world’s largest architecture festival, run in partnership with Open City, that will provide free access to some of London’s most dynamic and beautiful rooftop gardens and natural spaces.

Shaftesbury, a founding member of Wild West End, will be opening its 22 Ganton Street office on the Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st July (10am-6pm). The office has two sedum roofs, four green walls, pollinator-friendly planting, two bird boxes and numerous bird feeders, in addition to an invertebrate feature.

Green wall at 22 Ganton Street.

Green wall at 22 Ganton Street.

Come along and learn more about how our landowners are working together to encourage birds, bees and bats back into the West End of London, and create greater connections with nature for residents, visitors and workers to enjoy.

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Event Details

Saturday 20th July & Sunday 21st July (10am-6pm)


22 Ganton Street, Westminster, W1F 7FD

Sedum roof
Green walls
Bird boxes
Invertebrate feature