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Greening the Mews

The Howard de Walden Estate has a strong ambition and commitment to continue to create a greener environment for all to enjoy. Over the last 18 months, Howard de Walden has been actively working with both residents and businesses along Wigmore Place to achieve this vision and support a greener and more pleasant environment for all. Wigmore Place was seen as a fantastic opportunity to introduce as many flowering plants as possible through various pots, plants, and hanging baskets alike.


With Howard de Walden providing the wide variety of flowering plants and pots, the mews soon filled with colour. The introduction of a variety of plant species such as lavender, agapanthus, ornamental grasses, and other flowering annual plants, further contributes towards the ecological value of the area, seeking to attract as many insects and local wildlife to the area as possible.

Due to the success of the scheme, many residents have been inspired and have added their own additions of varying planter boxes and hanging baskets to this small mews, continuing the success of this local greening initiative.

The Howard de Walden Estate will continue its commitment along the mews by seeking to find further opportunities where planting can be introduced to not only continue this green addition to the Estate, but add further social and ecological value.


The Howard de Walden Estate

Wigmore Place

Ornamental grasses