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Greening at play

In the heart of London’s West End sits Soho Parish Primary School. Until the Head teacher decided a redevelopment was vital, the constricted size of the school resulted in limited outdoor space which impacted the amount of time in the playground each child could spend. Along with many generous donors Shaftesbury, a Wild West End partner, helped fundraise the £200,000 needed for the fantastic design and construction of a three storey timber structure. The playground was completed in 2015 and dramatically increased the outdoor playable area.

Since then Shaftesbury have helped bring this space to life. With support from Arup in identifying opportunities, ecological enhancements, such as allotment planters, containers and plants were installed providing greenery and soft landscaping. A wormery has been provided, fed with waste from the school kitchen. The children now have a gardening club too, tending to the five raised beds which can grow fruit and vegetables.

The children are not the only ones to benefit from this greener space. A bird nesting box, pollinating bee log and ladybird and insect tower placed within the playground have also increased the biodiversity of the local environment. Ten sedum pods, equating to two square meters of green roof, have also been installed providing valuable habitat for bees and other pollinating insects.



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Sedum pods, plants, raised beds, a wormery and insect hotels