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Attracting pollinators into Carnaby

A new project in Carnaby is encouraging bees and other pollinators back into London’s West End. A combination of sedum pods, window boxes, planters and hanging baskets have been planted to create small areas of habitat, which provide stepping stones to larger green areas nearby.

The low-maintenance sedum pods have been installed on service roofs, each planted with up to 12 species of sedum for optimal year-round performance. In addition, pollinator friendly species have been planted in 635 window boxes, 98 planters and 46 hanging baskets.

Spread over 109 properties across Carnaby, a seasonal planting regime ensures the displays look attractive year-round. They include nectar rich flowering plants, perennial evergreens, and primulas to provide a food source for bees early in the season.

Pollinators, such as bees, provide vital ecosystem services, pollinating food crops and flowers. They’re in decline across the world, so even small biodiversity improvements are important. The initiative also gives residents, visitors and workers a chance to enjoy nature.


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Seasonal Planting

Area of green space:  
25 mixed species sedum pods, 635 window boxes, 98 planters and 46 hanging baskets

Awards: Shortlisted for CIRIA's Big Biodiversity Challenge Pollinator Award 2016


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