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A new home for bugs and insects

Located in the heart of Marylebone, our new 1,114 square meter office building at 41 Wellbeck Street also includes space for wildlife. To the rear of the building, the new development includes a brown roof at second floor level.

By creating foraging and sheltering resources for insects and birds in a central London location, we're aiming to enhance biodiversity in the area.

Our new brown roof design incldues two new wooden insect hotels; a set of log piles that have been laid to form insect refuges; and large boulders, brick rubble, gravel and crushed concrete mix that have been arranged to provide a range of burrowing and sheltering habitats for insects.

The wooden insect hotels contain a top section comprising bamboo and tree bark, a lower section of river seed and tree branches, and additional sheltering and over-wintering opportunities for insects including bees and butterflies.

We've included a wide variety of plant species across the roof, as well as several planters containing lavender, French marigold and black-eyed Susan to provide additional sources of pollen and nectar.

With such attractive accommodation on offer, we're hoping our new brown roof will attract lots of new miniature buzzing residents to our estate.


Quick Facts

The Howard de Walden Estate

41 Wellbeck Street

Brown roof
2 insect hotels
Invertebrate features